We are pleased to present our project: OLIO GLORIOSO & FRIENDS! OLIO GLORIOSO is a big family where all those who share our values become the real heros.

OLIO GLORIOSO has many friends, who want to travel and explore, always bringing a little bit of Sicily with them! They want to promote this land through olive oil, the most precious fruit that it gives us. So, I introduce you to Olio Glorioso & Friends: Cindy and Markus, the classic southerners of the north, sunny, nice and super friendly! They come from Vienna, even if they were born in different Austrian regions. It all began on a hot Sunday in December between the cliffs of Macari, near San Vito Lo Capo. This wonderful place reached by free climbing enthusiasts from all over the world, with breathtaking views, perfect temperature even in December, in short, a real paradise on earth. In this idyllic setting, a young couple approach, they are curious, they want to know us! A few days later they come to visit us in Santa Ninfa, it’s always a party with them! They fall in love more and more with Sicily and our products! They come back several times to visit us until they celebrate their wedding right here, in Macari, with their families and friends.

A cold December a few years ago, we went to visit them in Austria. During the visit to Markus’s parents, in the Alps, between one whiskey and another, OLIO GLORIOSO & FRIENDS was born. FRIENDS, as friends who want to get involved and become associates of this extraordinary project. FRIENDS as friendly products of oil, pasta, preserves, fruit, wines, jams and all the wonderful products that our land can offer

“Now we just have to enjoy the journey, we are sure to have fun on the way!!“

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