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It is not easy to think of good food if we have not talked about extra virgin olive oil but first of all I must make a clarification about some presumptions. Not all extra virgin olive oils can boast of healthy and qualitative properties.

First of all, I want to make a clarification, give me some presumptuous, but not all extra virgin olive oils can boast of my healthy and qualitative properties, but this is another story, maybe I’ll tell you another time. Meanwhile today, I want to talk to you about how healthy, good, functional and even modest I am haha, so are you ready? Let’s get started (and here are 10 key things to know about

  1. Olio Glorioso is the most balanced of oils! In fact, they are rich in monounsaturated acids, which of the fatty substances are the most active for the prevention of cardiovascular disorders and poor in saturated acids, responsible for the increase in blood cholesterol levels.
  2. L’acido oleico, di cui sono composto maggiormente, previene anche le lesioni arteriose e riduce il rischio di infarto, ictus, trombosi e coronopatie in genere;
  3. It also stands out for the high content of polyphenols, very particular antioxidants! In fact, the latter protect the integrity of cell membranes, ensuring a defense against the formation and development of many types of cancer. They are also able to counteract memory loss and the alteration of other cognitive functions related to aging;
  4. Olive Oil is naturally rich in Vitamin E, also called the beauty vitamin, making consumers beautiful and young! Vitamin E protects cell membranes from aging processes, but is also a slight vasodilator, performs antithrombotic activity, strengthens the capillary walls and regulates the production of male and female sex hormones protecting them from oxidation;
  5. Kids love olive oil too! It is used in the weaning of infants because it includes essential polyunsaturated fats w6 and w3 in the correct ratio to each other, similarly to what happens in mother’s milk;
  6. Olive oil is number 1 in the kitchen! In fact, it tolerates cooking well, reaching high temperatures (for example in frying), It does not turn into a harmful substance, which happens when you use oils rich in polyunsaturated fats (as happens with most seed oils);
  7. Olive oil is very fragrant! composed of more than 70 volatile components of sensory impact! This is why one of the three organoleptic characteristics that distinguish it is precisely the fruitiness. Try to smell it and you will discover how many shades an oil can be composed of!
  8. Do not stop at the intoxicating perfume, taste it! You will discover bitter and spicy in perfect harmony with each other, making any of your dishes unique!
  9. They say it’s the right fat! The one chosen in the Mediterranean diet and we are proud of it !!!
“I still have a lot to tell you about me, but for today I thank you for dedicating some of your precious time to me and I very much hope that we will meet again maybe in your kitchens!„


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